Student Enrollment Requirements School Year 2015-2016

Remember that no social security number may be requested

and that birth certificates are needed for proof of age.

See special provisions for military and homeless children,

including legal obligation to enroll homeless children who

have no proof of physical exam or immunizations. They must be enrolled and immediately referred to the Health Department.

Also "A school division may not bar a student from enrolling in its schools because he or she lacks a birth certificate or has records that indicate a foreign place of birth, such as a foreign birth certificate."

See Superintendent's Memo for Full Details

Superintendent's Letter, July 10

2015 History and Social Science Standards of Learning Implementation Timeline  

The new 2015 SOL's will not become effective until the fall of 2017. Teachers must begin to prepare now.

Remember that the Curriculum Frameworks are still being revised and public comment is not yet available.

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act - FERPA

Is Broken

In an article posted on August 20 the National Law Review discusses the problem and gives a synopsis of the different bills in Congress trying to address the problem. Most consider restricting student data use only by commercial businesses contracting with the schools for services like data storage or online instruction.

 Only the Student Privacy Protection Act (H.R. 3157)​ restricts FERPA itself

​from revealing personal data to commercial interests. Even so, parental approval is not required. 

"Specifically, it imposes additional requirements for sharing student data with third party vendors performing school services and entities that perform college testing and financial aid analyses, including requiring education agencies/institutions to ensure such vendors have appropriate information security practices, requiring them to enter into written agreements with the vendors and mandating that such agreements are made available to parents." 

Read National Law Review for Details

Want to Know What's Going on in Virginia Schools?

Check out the Superintendent's Annual Report, 19 Tables. Money in, Money Out, Fed funds, Teacher pay. 


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Its members support legislation to prevent the nationalization of education, to protect student privacy and to remove propaganda from teaching.

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