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Want to Know Your School District Rank

Within Virginia ?

​Go to the School Digger Website for one composite index.

Be sure to click on "District".

Above "Blue"  is "District" link.

Want to Know What's Going on in Virginia Schools?

Check out the Superintendent's Annual Report, 19 Tables. Money in, Money Out, Fed funds, Teacher pay. 


​  Eye on Virginia Education (EVE) is a coalition of concerned citizens that promotes the accurate teaching of the Constitution and our American Heritage.

Its members support legislation to prevent the nationalization of education, to protect student privacy and to remove propaganda from teaching.

Visit our Tabs for basic information, Virginia law and current news both Virginia and national.

SOL Practice Items

​Computerized Testing

(Particularly Math at all grade and subject levels as far as Algebra II)

"These practice items are representative of the content and/or rigor of some of the Standards of Learning (SOL) assessment items and illustrate technology-enhanced item types for the mathematics, reading, science, writing, and history SOL tests. Technology-enhanced items (TEI) require students to indicate their responses in ways other than a multiple-choice format."

Click on above Blue Link and scroll down to grades and subjects for practice computer test problems.

Legislation to Regulate Refugee Resettlement in Virginia

Update, Jan 27

HB 1349 sponsored by Delegate Nicholas J. Freitas 
The bill would prohibit refugee resettlement absent background checks by the Virginia State Police and certification to the Governor. 

HB 852 sponsored by Delegate Tim Hugo prohibits the resettlement of refugees from countries that are currently designated as state sponsors of terrorism by the US State Department.

HB 494 sponsored by Delegate Bob Marshall is basically a state version of the SAFE Act that requires a thorough background check for all refugees coming from Syria and Iraq and certification to that effect by the FBI and DHS. ​​