Miami-Dade students shine

on national ‘gold standard’ test

Christina Veiga, Oct 28, excerpt

Miami-Dade students largely outperformed big city peers

​​With testing backlash gripping the country — even prompting President Barack Obama to weigh in — there is one set of exams that education leaders agree is the gold standard.

The National Assessments of Educational Progress stand as a constant measure of student achievement against a backdrop of ever-changing state benchmarks.

The results, released Wednesday, were impressive for Miami-Dade County.

Even as scores across the country experienced an unprecedented slump, Miami-Dade students posted gains in almost every area tested.

[Edt. Why the "unprecedented slump"?​​ See Below]

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Math, reading scores slip for nation's school kids

​Chicago Tribune, Oct. 28, excerpt

​It's a not-so rosy report card for the nation's schoolchildren.

Math scores slipped for fourth and eighth graders over the last two years, and reading grades were not much better, flat for fourth graders and lower for eighth graders, according to the 2015 Nation's Report Card.

The results of the test, officially known as the National Assessment of Educational Progress or , were released Wednesday.

The report suggests students have a ways to go to demonstrate a solid grasp or mastery of their reading and math skills.

Only about a third of the nation's eighth-graders were at proficient or above in math and reading. Among fourth graders, the results were slightly better in reading and in math, about two in five scored proficient or above.

And the report found a continuing achievement gap between white and black students.

There were a few bright spots. The District of Columbia and Mississippi both saw substantial gains in reading and math....

[Edt: Enter Common Core from the Council of Chief State School Officers.]

Reacting to the scores, Chris Minnich, executive director of the Council of Chief State School Officers, said one year's worth of data shouldn't send the nation's schools and teachers off in a different direction.

"Having the higher academic standards caused the states and teachers and districts to change the way they're teaching certain things," Minnich said in an interview. "We may be in a place where some of the questions that are asked on this national test aren't being taught at the same time they were being taught before." [Edt: or taught at all??]

[Edt. Too bad the Executive Director can't admit that the "tougher standards" are taught by failed methods lacking

in discipline, drill and individual responsibility. Or that teachers are burdened with so much extra paperwork they lack the time to teach.]

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