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School Performance Report Card Survey – VDOE is asking parents and other members of the public to complete a 16-item online survey on improving annual report cards for schools, school divisions and the commonwealth. The survey takes 15-20 minutes to complete. Responses are anonymous.

The online survey will remain active until Friday, August 14.

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Superintendent's Letter, July 10

2015 History and Social Science Standards of Learning Implementation Timeline  

The new 2015 SOL's will not become effective until the fall of 2017. Teachers must begin to prepare now.

Remember that the Curriculum Frameworks are still being revised and public comment is not yet available.

Saturday, July 20

Senate Passes Every Child Achieves Act


Thursday afternoon after only 7 days of debate on 150 proposed amendments the Senate passed re-authorization of NCLB. Virtually nothing was done to curb expansion of federal power, although one highlight amendment said that federal required standardized tests “do not evaluate or assess personal or family beliefs and attitudes, or publicly disclose personally identifiable information.” No provision was made to curb Federal gathering of personal information.

Truth in American Education has full article.

Orrin Hatch Amendment Passed 89-0

This student privacy amendment is modeled after Utah's success in planning to protect student personal data from promiscuous use by technology companies and the government. It requires a large and varied study committee to be created in 60 days to report its findings at the end of another 270 days to Congress and the Secretary of Education. Scroll down

to find Amendment 2080.

It remains to be seen what is recommended, what Arne Duncan does, what Congress will require, and whether any law will be veto proof.

The House: H.R. 5 Passed the House July 8, with few successful amendments to curb federal powers.

Want to Know What's Going on in Virginia Schools?

Check out the Superintendent's Annual Report, 19 Tables. Money in, Money Out, Fed funds, Teacher pay. 


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